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Can you recommend any psychedelic therapists in Canada?
Can you recommend any psychedelic therapists in Canada?

How to get psychedelic-assisted therapy support in Canada.

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Having trouble finding therapists in Canada who are trained to facilitate your psychedelic journey?

Well, you're not alone.

When we did our own research, there was an obvious scarcity of comprehensive + up-to-date directories listing Canadian psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) clinics and therapists, too. So, we made one ourselves! 😌

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Directory in Canada: Find a Therapist

We have two directories:

  1. A shortlist of trusted psychedelic therapists we spoke to and vetted ourselves

Get started on your psychedelic journey today by tapping one of the buttons below.

What is Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy takes on many forms and utilizes many psychedelic medicines, depending on your desired outcome and comfort levels. However, at its core, there are 3 phases: Pre-journey, the journey itself, and post-journey.

  1. Psychedelic Preparation (Pre-Journey): This involves setting intentions, taking or avoiding certain types of medications and foods, and creating mental space for the transformative journey you're about to undertake.

  2. Psychedelic Facilitation (Journey): This involves a session, or series of sessions, with a therapist who is trained in psychedelic guidance or facilitation. They may be one-on-one sessions or group sessions, and can conducted be in-person or virtually. Oftentimes they involve additional aids such as headphones, curated playlists, and soothing environments to create a set and setting that is conducive to producing insights that you can use on your journey to healing.

  3. Psychedelic Integration (Post-Journey): The psychedelic journey can be confusing and overwhelming. After the light-show ends, it can be difficult to take the experience and integrate it into the day-to-day realities of your life. As a result, you're likely to fall back into the same unhelpful thought patterns that you're trying to free yourself from. Psychedelic integration helps you make sense of the insights and information that surfaces and provides you with the tools and strategies to create lasting change.

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