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Can I combine savings from Buy 3 & Save, Referrals, and My Rewards?
Can I combine savings from Buy 3 & Save, Referrals, and My Rewards?
Updated over a week ago

Certainly! You can definitely combine the Buy 3 & Save offer with our Rewards and Referral Programs for even greater savings. However, you are limited to 2 offers at a time. Below are some examples of stacking combinations:

  • Buy 3 & Save with Referral credits

  • Buy 3 & Save with My Rewards

  • Referral credits with My Rewards

First, available referral credits will automatically apply to your order during checkout. If you have added 3 or more products to your cart, our Buy 3 & Save bundle discount will also be automatically applied during checkout. They will appear as 'Referral Credit' and 'Buy 3 & Save 10%', respectively.

So, not only will you be able to save by buying additional supplements, but you'll also receive an additional discount on all your orders as part of the VIP plan. It's a win-win situation!

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