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Is it safe to drive while microdosing magic mushrooms?
Is it safe to drive while microdosing magic mushrooms?

Tips, safe driving practices, and guidelines for driving while microdosing Psilocybin mushrooms.

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Microdosing is an incredible practice for mindfulness, growth, and healing. But because of its psychedelic potential, it can also raise questions about safety, especially when it comes to driving or operating heavy machinery.

In this article, we share expert tips on finding your ideal dose, along with some microdosing safety guidelines to help ensure your safety.

Discovering your ideal microdose.

We recommend determining your ideal dose in a relaxed, no-pressure setting. Take your first few microdoses on non-working days to fully evaluate the impact of each dose. Start conservatively with one capsule on day 1, and gradually increase the number of capsules each day until you find the dose that aligns with your objectives.

Your ideal dose should be below the threshold of perception. That means you should feel a certain lightness and effortlessness, with elevated cognition and creativity, but without tipping over into the realm of perception. You should be able to do everything you are able to do without any impairment or extra effort. If anything, it should feel easier.

Note that you may experience heightened acuity, i.e. sounds appear to be more clear and crisp and visual details are clearer and easier to see. This may take some getting used to. It's like switching over from an old-school CRT TV to a brand new, 8K Ultra HD flat screen. The colors and sounds seem weird at first, but you quickly grow to appreciate the clarity and richness.

Safe driving practices.

As long as you practice microdosing correctly, driving is generally recognized as safe. However, personal judgment and responsibility are crucial when deciding to drive. Be aware of your mental state and how the psilocybin dose you're taking may influence your perception and reactions.

We recommend not driving the first time you microdose or if you have the feeling that you’ve taken a too-high dose. Take your first few doses on days with no obligations or pressures. Our microdose supplements contain 25mg of dried Psilocybin mushrooms per capsule, so start with 1 then work your way up.

Guidelines for safe driving while microdosing:

  1. Self-Assessment: Ensure you feel alert and focused before driving.

  2. Start Slow: Avoid driving initially to gauge your response to the substance.

  3. Consistent Dosing: Maintain a consistent routine to understand its effects.

  4. Plan Ahead: Consider alternative transportation if uncertain about your condition.

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