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My package has a delivery exception.
My package has a delivery exception.

Don't sweat it—we're here to help. Here's what to do and what to expect.

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While a "Delivery exception" tracking update from Canada Post might sound concerning, it is a common and typically harmless status update. In this article, we provide you with details about different Canada Post delivery exception statuses and the steps we take to resolve them efficiently.


Please check the status of your package directly on our tracking portal by inputting your tracking number. Here, you will receive a more detailed view of the specific scenario that is causing your delivery exception.

What is a Delivery Exception?

A delivery exception happens when a problem arises during the delivery process. Canada Post states that the term 'exception' means "that the issue has been recognized, and steps are being taken to fix it." Here are some typical scenarios that fall under delivery exceptions. Based on our experience, we've sorted them by most to least common:

Statuses that require an action:

  • Addressing errors: There was an error in the address used during checkout.

  • Items returned to the sender: There was an error in the address used during checkout that wasn't corrected in time.


If you're experiencing an addressing error, please reach out to us with your correct shipping address so that we can correct it with Canada Post. If your order is returned due to an addressing error, we will ship your order out to you. The initial shipment is free. However, if subsequent orders are returned due to addressing errors, a small delivery fee applies.

No action required:

  • Sorting errors: Canada Post sent it to the wrong sorting facility and it is being rerouted

  • Transportation errors: Canada Post has made an error in the transportation of the item causing a possible delay

  • Items delayed due to circumstances beyond Canada Post's control: There is a delay due to events such as:

    • severe weather and natural disasters such as major snow storms, ice, unplowed streets, extreme heat, cold weather, tornado or hurricane

    • transportation delays

    • demonstrations

    • power outage in the public grid

What's next?

Rest assured that we are proactive in resolving delivery exceptions. We closely monitor your tracking information and take the necessary steps to expedite the process. If the status hasn't been updated within 48 hours, we will contact Canada Post to ensure your package is redirected to the correct address.

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